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What's Wrong with my Transmission?

Ok. Let’s revise everything. Now that I know that my 3.0 V6 (3 speed) does not have a limp mode, and that it actually shifts through all gears … let me tell you the symptoms:

1) A slight rough idle (Shutter …?)

2) Doesn’t seem to shift at the right times.

3) At times there is a bit a slippage.

I have no “check engine light”

I have no noise

I have no burnt oil smell

What do you think?

Did you check the fluid? (and do it the right way?)

What year is it and how many miles. (It sounds like you’ve been here for this already - but not everyone is familiar with the past nor would most remember).

I’d have someone check the throttle position sensor - one of the most important transmission control inputs.

There is no limp mode on a 3 speed transmission because the 3 speed is not electronically controlled. If this is indeed a 3 speed transmission, you need to check the TV (Throttle Valve) cable which goes from the throttle body of the engine down to the manual lever of the transmission. It sounds as though this cable is adjusted too loose. This would cause the slipping and the failing to shift at the right time. With the engine off, have a helper sit in the vehicle and press the accelerator to the floor. You will see the cable at the manual shaft on the transmission move the TV shaft. With the accelerator pressed to the floor, the TV shaft should have no other play in it, meaning it shouldnt turn any farther.


Okay guys, thank for your replies, but it gets strange again. I haven’t made much progress. But, after driving a bit up and down our street, my wife noticed something on the garage floor - water! So, here’s my crazy question.

Could a loss of compression in the engine, due to a blown head gasket (which would point to water on the ground which smells like emissions) affect the hydraulic pressure in my 3 speed transmission?

As I am aware, my tranny does not have shift solenoids but uses hydraulic pressure to shift gears. Or, could the whole deal going on merely be the blown head gasket which is causing the car to not run quite right and the transmission is actually running ok.

Sorry for the absolute chaos, and thanks in advance for your thoughts!