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2000 Dodge Caravan P0755 error Transmission in Limp mode

I am fighting a tranny problem where the pan gasket was leaking. The fluid got low enough (2 quarts were left) that the van went into limp mode P0700. I changed the filter and fluid (so did AAmco) and it still is in limp mode. My OBDII reader will clear the faults but it comes back in seconds and with the solonoid pack B error P0755 and stays in limp mode. Should I change the solonoid pack ? If so where is it and can it be done in the driveway ? AAmco wanted $2000.00 to replace the tranny since they saw some “orange” stuff in the fluid. I changed the old fluid the day before and it was pink and I used ATF4. I do not trust that the error code represents some internal mystery failure that dumps orange stuff. The fluid has stayed clean for the past week driving about 25 miles in limp mode. Any help appreciated

I would DEFINATELY have someone else check the fluid condition. Dont go by what AAmco said without checking it out. It sounds as though the solenoid pack needs to be replaced. One word of advice though. These transmissions are KNOWN to have bad connections in the wiring harnesses. The pins in the connectors loosen and cause problems. I tell you this because the solenoid pack is about $200.


as transman said, you really need to get someone else to look things over re: the fluid.

the solenoid pack is external and should be right on the front of the trans sandwiched between it and the radiator. first, check the wires/plugs as suggested. i’ve not changed one but it seems like it should be straightforward - real trouble will be with the amount of space you have to work in.

I have checked the harness to the TCM and cleaned them with a Q tip so that end is probably ok and it had no effect on the error codes. The thing that bothers me about all this is that the tranny shifted fine until the fluid went low and now does not. I guess it is possible if the solonoid pack is low that I brushed against the harnesses getting underneath the vehicle to change the pan gasket. The tragicly funny thing is that the pan gasket is leaking again after AAmco “fixed” it. It was not after I did it. Go figure. Should I clean the contacts in the connectors with alchohol and a Q tip or is there a better method ?

Cleaning the contacts is a good idea, I usually use Denatured alcohol on electrical contacts. Those connectors have a habit of getting real dirty. Usually the connector pins get loose and lose contact.


I found the connector was covered in tranny fluid inside. I cleaned it with choke cleaner and qtips but still get same error after resetting the computer. Is there a way to Ohm out the solonoid coils from the TCM connector ? If so, which pins and how many Ohms should they be ? That would at least tell me that the connections and solonoid coils are good. Your help and knowlege are greatly appreciated. Regards