Hyundai i20 whistling noise

I just got a Hyundai I20 2016 hatchback with a 1.1L diesel engine and I noticed that sometimes there’s a whistling sound.
It sounds like it’s coming from a rotating part because you hear a whistle then nothing and then it whistles again and the frequency of this changes with speed. 3rd, 2nd or even neutral gear with the same speed give the same sound.
I couldn’t identify where it was coming from or which side of the car. I had it serviced right when I got it and from the receipts and service book of the previous owner all it’s maintenance was done yearly but on the km limit.
Also please note that I still don’t have my driving license and I don’t knowmuch about cars, infact yesterday was the first time driving a car and that’s also when we first noticed the sound, my father drove it from the sellers house and to the shop for it’s service and said he didn’t hear anything but he also can sometimes bearly hear it now that I told him about it so I’m not really sure if it was happening before but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was and he didn’t notice since age and working in loud construction sites has had an effect to his hearing.

I’d guess what you are hearing is the turbocharger and it is completely normal.

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No, my car doesn’t have a turbo. My cousin though has one and I know how a turbo sounds and it’s completely different.

Yes you have a turbo.

The Hyundai U series D3FA 1.1 liter 3 cylinder diesel is turbocharbed from what I can see.

The seller told me that it didnt have a turbo, i asked him because ive heard that many small diesel engine have and i was excited about it. but in any case im sure that the sound i was hearing was not the turbo.
Since im a new user i cant upload files but i will upload to youtube and add the link from a sound recording i made today where you can hear the noise im talking about although not clearly because of traffic noises so i passed through i high pass filter which remove all the low frequency and made it a bit more clear. (in this recording we were cruising in speeds of about 20-25km/h
Later today when i go for my driving lesson i will try to get a better recording of the sound and try to identify where it comes from.
Btw thanks for your replies so far.

Suggest two things:

  1. Open the hood (bonnet), then do another video. Then sounds may be more easily identified.
  2. Open the owners manual, that will provide more information on your vehicle and the engine.

I’ve never heard the sound when stationary only when moving that’s why its harder to recognize where it comes from.

Only heard when moving? Does sound change when coasting (engine at idle) vs in gear? Whistling sounds only heard when moving often caused by wind flow over some irregular surface. Try opening/closing each of the windows one by one, any difference in the sound? If you have any racks, roof, bicycle rack, those are frequent whistling sources too. Can just be a slight imperfection in door seal, stuff like that. Often has to be diagnosed by taping all the exterior interfaces one by one to determine which one is causing it. Ray (of Car Talk’s Tom and Ray) told a story on the radio program, customer’s car has whistling sound, Ray couldn’t figure out the cause. Then during a test drive he puts arm out the window to cool off, sound stops. B/c Ray’s hand inadvertently covered the interface (in this case a roof rack) causing the sound. Neighbor has Tesla, tape in corner of rear window. Why? Whistling sound.


The sound clip sounds more like a high pitched buzz than a whistle. No clue what it might be.

Sorry for my poor description, English isn’t my first language and I have some trouble with it.

The noise isn’t related with engine rpm just with speed. So if I’m cruising with 3rd gear doing 40km/h and I put it in neutral and wait for engine rpm to drop the noise will be the same as long as my speed hasn’t changed.
Also yesterday was my second driving lesson and I noticed that barely touching the brakes is enough to stop this sound.

Since sound occurs coasting independent of engine rpm, likely candidates are wind noise (see above), transmission differential noise, and brake noise. Transmission differential noise usually sounds more line a whine, & increases during acceleration, but worthwhile to make sure trans fluid level is to spec. (Presuming your car is FWD.) Given what you say, suggest ask shop to check your car’s brakes. Disc brake systems have a wear-warning gadget near the pads that makes a weird noise, usually referred to as a squeal, but could be called a whistle, when the brake pads are almost worn out.

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