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2016 Hyundai Accent - Using Oil/Whistling Noise

Oil disappearing.i filled it up on 24th July 2019 and checked again today 16aug 2 019.It was empty.The oil light on the dash should be on when I drive but it’s not. My car is a i20 2016. Second hand.I heard some Hyundai’s loose oil but a 3 he old.This shouldn’t happen.Was told by seller it was still under warranty. Is this true even for a second car.

And you come here to ask rather than calling Hyundai or searching Google? Yes, it is still under warranty.

Keep checking your oil level and filling as needed to keep the dipstick in between the lines but get it into the dealer soon. The oil is not disappearing, it is going right out the tailpipe.

Hi my Hyundai i20 2016 with only 23475mls on the clock. There is a strange whistling sound coming from the back of my car (outside). When I am driving on the motorway I hear this noise which seems to be coming from underneath. If I hit a bump or a hollow the noise stops for a few seconds. or if I am driving at 20 or slower it’s gone completely. It is driving me nuts. Can anybody help