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Whistling Noise

My car developed an “intermittent” accelerator whistling noise coming thru one of the speakers (I think). The harder you accelerate - the louder the whistle. When idling, it sounds like an open air whirring noise. Of course every time I bring it to the shop - it stops and when I hear it it’s never convenient to get to the shop! Any ideas?

Noise while you accelerating while listening to FM or AM is supposedly due to a poor ground connection. That’s all I got.

I appreciate your reply very much - but I should have specified that it happens regardless of whether the radio is on or off. Any ideas?

Model-Year, Please. It’s Like Telling A Veterinary Doctor Whether You’re A Goldfish Or A Cocker Spaniel. Say, “Ahh !” It Sometimes Makes A Difference.


'08 hyundai santa fe