Is whistling sound on deceleration diagnosable / fixable?

Hi guys, This is my first post so any help would be highly appreciated.

I recently bought a Nissan Qashqai/Dualis 2010 but it seems to make a low whistling sound on deceleration - See on Vimeo towards the last 3 seconds in particular.

Any idea whether this could be a serious issue and whether it would typically be covered as part of the (perhaps mechanical warranty) provided by the car dealer?
Also, can it be diagnosed, or fixed at all?

Thanks so much in advance.

I have no idea what that is called here in the US of A . Only the dealer can tell you if it is covered and yes it probably can be fixed by a good shop.

Edit: I am not clicking on a Video from some foreign country by an unknown person . I problably would not know what it was anyway , that is why mechanics exist to hear it in person.

2010 warranty?

The equivalent in the US is the Nissan Rogue. You didn’t say whether it’s a diesel or petrol car. Also is the transmission manual or automatic?

If it has an automatic (CVT) transmission, has the OP verified that it is filled with the correct trans fluid, and that it doesn’t need to have any fluid added?

Also–has the OP had a mechanic check whether the differential(s) are in need of additional oil?

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It’s an automatic patrol.
Recently bought an old used car from the dealer who provided a 30 day warranty

A brief explanation provided by the local mechanic was that it is “normal” noise for any Nissan rogue with cvt transmission bit i just need to validate that assumption.

Ps. I’ve uploaded to Vimeo which is a standard website used worldwide for uploading videos and has checks and balances of its own to ensure content moderation similar to YouTube so I don’t see any harm in viewing it on vimeo.

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Sorry not too familiar with the terminology - if you don’t mind me asking what OP is?

I spoke to Nissan here who said they can do a a general diagnostic check for ~300 which so give you a report but I’m not sure what exactly it will contain and whether it will be useful at all from the issue I’m having - do you think such checks are useful normally?

You are the OP ( Original Poster ) . And I have a feeling that 30 day warranty is really not much good . But at least see what they have to say .

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It is hard to tell from the video where the sound is coming from. but to me it sounds like the whistle sound could possibly be made from the wind hitting your vehicle. we have others come to the site with the same problem. does it happen at certain speeds all the time?
try getting some masking tape and tape down the plastic cowl at the bottom of the windshield. also cover the gap between the plastic and the windshield and take it for a ride and see if it goes away. if that does not work then try taping the molding down around the window and go for a drive again. I have even seen where the outside mirrors would make a whistling sound at certain speeds.

What’s the engine?

Actually I respect your opinion on internet security given your background. So I suppose I haven’t been nominated for “Who’s Who” then, and I’m pretty sure my Facebook account has not been hacked since I don’t have one. I suppose I should not be spending the $900,000 left to me by some unknown relative either. Life is a B.

At any rate, back to cars and the question. A whistle is generally from some type of vacuum leak from somewhere. Normally wouldn’t be a big deal without drivability issues.

However, a 12 year old Nissan with a CVT transmission will not end well regardless. If at all possible I would take this back to the dealer and get something else. Others will disagree.

Thanks weekend warrior. Good point but I believe the sound is def not aerodynamics related that I can tell. Reason being it only arrives every time I lift my foot off the race paddle clearly heard until the car comes to rest. As soon as I press the paddle again it goes away. It’s a Tweiinnnnn…… like sound.

Thanks Bing. I was thinking to take it to Nissan official dealer and have an official diagnostic check. Do you think that would usually help?

That’s like the noise the transaxle in my '08 Nissan Altima made , causing the dealership to replace it under warranty. The replacement unit made a similar noise about 60K miles later, which went away after a fluid change.