Diesel truck turbo sounds like a tea kettle when it is running

I have a 2004 F250 4X4 diesel that whisles like a tea kettle when i’m driving. I have no idea what it might be seeing that this is my first diesel i have owned. Could my waste gate be sticking or something like that? Please help. this noise is driving me crazy, i have to turn up the radio so i don’t hear it in the cab.

There may be a worn bearing or running dry.

I think there are a couple of regulars who own diesels here that could help you more. Be patient.

Agree with previous post; you could also have an air leak somewhere.

You turn up the radio? Stop blasting Lionel Richie and go to a local dealer immediately (make sure bring a teacup with you). What do you mean my wastegate? A hydraulic actuator? An artificial anus like Castro has?

I had the older 7.3L turbo diesel and I could hear the turbo on the road. But I didn’t have to turn up the radio to cover the noise of the turbo. You shouldn’t have to turn up the radio to cover the turbo noise. I would suspect you have a leak in the plumbing causing a whistling noise or worst case, something going wrong. Best have it checked by a good diesel mechanic. Dealerships don’t usually employ the best diesel mechanics.

Ok here is what was wrong with my turbo making a whistling noise. After long time looking and a trip to the dealer, come to find out that the charging pipe on the back side of the turbo going to the cylinders on the right side of the engine has a bad seal. So the part was $190 and all is well. When i told the Diesel tech on staff and told him what i said about the tea kettle, he knew what it was. So alls well that ends well. Thanks for all the help.

Only when driving or does it do it when idling? Does it change as you change speeds? Assuming it makes even a little of the noise when it idles, get a few feet of garden hose and use it as a stethoscope and pop the hood and find the sound.