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As I’ve said on here before I really like my Hyundai Accent. Can’t say the same for the service departments.
First oil change at the selling dealer resulted in overfilling the oil by about a quart and putting on an off brand filter. I specifically asked if they used Hyundai filters. The said they did. They blamed the mistake on the fact that on Saturday the Chevy shop does the oil changes. Same owner and they are next door.
Next oil change I went to a different dealer. Right filter but still too much oil. Again about a quart.
Tried the original dealer on a weekday, since it was close to a year since I bought it, I said put in a cabin air filter and engine air filter as well as oil change.
Well, they don’t keep cabin filter in stock but they could order 1. They changed the engine filter, receipt listed Hyundai part # and price.
This weekend I was checking things over and found they put in an STP brand air filter. Too late to complain about it now but safe to say I’ll stay away from them from now on

Oil over fill is a legitimate complaint. As for filters , Hyundai does not make filters so a shop will use something that meets the size . Cabin filter - just get one from any parts store and do that your self .

What irks me is that they had the nerve to print a receipt with a Hyundai part number for the air filter. At roughly twice the price of an STP brand from AutoZone.

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“Overfilling” oil is common. It looks like your Accent, assuming it’s a 2014 or newer, takes 4.1 quarts with filter. The shop probably put in an even 5 quarts. It shouldn’t hurt anything. As for the oil filter, what was “off brand” about it? A quality, brand name filter will do the job no matter what name is on it.

And next week it might be a Fram or WIX or Purolater or ?, but it will still have the Hyundai part number.

Just some food for thought, but overfilling by a quart will hurt nothing. As a matter of fact, it will help in the long run.

As for the non-Hyundai filters you should be irate over that. No doubt they do this because their cost on those filters is less than what the real deal cost them.
It may not go anywhere, but you should notify the Hyundai regional office of this. I can’t believe this switcheroo would be acceptable to them.

I doubt if any automaked manufactures their own filters, but they certainly spec the ones that bear their name. To charge you for a factory filter an put in a cheaper one is just plain dishonest.

Not all oil filters are the same. There is not as much difference as the people who buy the most expensive filter in the store would like to think but I know my son’s Hyundai Sonata sounds like a threshing machine with a Lee or Fram filter but quiets right down with a factory filter.

My 2003 Town and Country had a lot of cold weather lifter noise on startup with either a Fram or Mopar filter but none with a Mptorcraft.

I don’t have an explanation for all of this but my philosophy is , if you are having a problem and read a tip, try it and if it works, do it.

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Quite a few years ago I worked for this one Subaru dealer with a female service manager. At one point she asked us mechanics to turn in oil/fuel/air filter boxes when empty. We had no idea what the reasoning was behind this but assumed that maybe it had something to do with inventory or some sort.

Nope. She had started buying some really crappy “white box” filters and was selling them across the counter to walk-in customers as the genuine Subaru part. The cost to the dealer on those filters was less than 1/3 of what the real deal parts cost.

Thankfully she got caught and this practice stopped. A long time customer asked me a few questions about his car and he mentioned that the last air filter he bought looked different than usual. I informed him it was a cheap fake and when he asked me what he should do I suggested buy a filter from the local parts house and mail the fake along with the box it came it to the Subaru regional office along with a note. A week later that particular facet of screwing the customers over came to a screeching halt.

This particular customer also started buying all of his filters at the parts house down the street after I told him that whatever brand name filters they had were just as good as the Subaru OEMs. He had been told by this female service manager that Subaru filters were “special made” and far outperformed anything in the aftermarket. Yeah; like those junk white box filters…

Kennedy, assuming you live in the USA, there’s no need to go to the dealer for routine maintenance.
Just keep records and receipts for warranty purposes.
I suggest you click the “Mechanics Files” button at the top of this page, go to Yelp, or just ask family and friends to find a good independent shop.
Avoid franchises like “Iffy Lube”!

Although it’s bad form to ask a shop to do repairs with parts you bring in,
you might ask a shop to install Hyundai filters you bring in for maintenance.

I rarely if ever use OEM filters. But what I don’t like is the fact they used a different filter, but the receipt (and price) said they did. That’s deceitful. Find either a different Hyundai dealer or better yet find a good independent. Most good independents use good quality parts like (Wix filters) and don’t charge dealer prices.


I wasn’t thinking Hyundai made their air filters. Old timer got it right. They charged me $36 for a Hyundai spec filter and installed a $20 STP brand filter.
The STP may be as good or better than Hyundai spec, but that’s not the point. Install what you charge me for.
And yes $36 is too much for a filter. But with a long warranty I was thinking maybe just let them handle everything in case I have problems down the road.
But 3.5 quarts of conventional oil from Wal Mart and a $10 Hyundai filter from Amazon keeps me under $20 and I’ve only got myself to blame if I do something wrong.

Even if it wasn’t the OEM filter, it was a decent quality filter, and having it documented in their data system that the car has been properly maintained will help you in the event of a warranty claim.

The difference between the $20 filter and the $36 filter is overhead. They need to pay for shop upkeep, tech training, capital expenditures, delivery, and storage. The dealer passes that cost on to you. This shop probably has a comprehensive set of special tools like lifts and alignment rack. You and everyone else that visits the shop pay for that. It’s not all profit.

I have our Volvo serviced at the dealer even after 10 years . I really don’t care if the filters have a Volvo logo . I know that I could change the oil and filter myself but I choose not to. Same goes for our Ford.

I don’t care what quality filter is used either. But that’s not the point. The point is the dealer said they sold them an OEM filter. And they didn’t. That’s deceptive. And I wouldn’t be happy if it happened to me.


Any dealer who bills out an aftermarket filter under the OEM part number and charges an OEM price had better provide an OEM filter.

The fact the dealer palms a non-OEM filter off under OEM part numbers and OEM prices just proves they’re trying to hide it. Filter quality is irrelevant. It’s a dishonest stunt from a weasel IMO.

Years ago a BMW dealer asked me to try a non-BMW oil filter for my motorcycle as they were about 1/3 the price of a BMW filter. He was using one in his personal bike. A few days later he called and said get that thing out of there. On a BMW the filter is located in a cavity in the crankcase.

It took me over 2 hours with screwdrivers, a pair of needlenose pliers, and picks to get that filter out as it was disintegrating already. Another week and I would have likely lost an expensive BMW engine due to filter debris plugging oil galleys; much like the dealer was close to doing on his personal bike.


sounds like fraud to me . . .


That would make me nuts (but I’m already nuts!)

That would make me nuts (but I’m already nuts!

You don’t have to be nut’s to be here but that help’s you fit right in with a lot of us here


I agree complete. I mainly use Wix filters. Good quality filter. I still would be pissed if they put a Wix filter on my vehicle but said it was an OEM filter with the OEM part number. Why hide it?