Hyundai dealer shops

Well, I think it is obvious that they are playing games with the manufacturer, as well as their customers. If I was the OP, I would be seeking a different Hyundai dealership at this point.

Some forum members might recall my post (several years ago) about a Honda dealership in NJ that was playing the ultimate “parts game” with their customers When new cars would arrive, they would remove the OEM spark plugs, batteries, and tires, and substitute cheap junk that they bought at the Pep Boys store across the road.

This apparently went on for a few years until a customer had problems starting his new-ish Honda, and he went to an indy mechanic. The alert mechanic spotted the substitution of cheap-o components for OEM components, and the customer notified Honda of America. It took several months, but that dealership lost its Honda franchise.

A high-school friend of mine owns a few dealerships in NY. Nissan, Buick and GMC truck. Use to own a Pontiac dealership also. He use to sell OEM filters along with Wix and Fram filters. But he would tell you which filter was being put in your car. Most manufacturers won’t allow that anymore.

This just points out that the problem is really with the dealers. I’ve had problems with a Nissan dealer years ago, but that didn’t stop me from buying another Pathfinder (from a different dealer that was 20 miles farther).

On the subject of filters, I’ve always told my son to stop using fram oil filters because of what I’ve read about their quality. He always says yeah next time. His civic has 225000 miles on it now. Still gets a new fram filter every 5000 miles too.

Fram filters sells more filters then it’s top competitors COMBINED. If there were any problems with Fram filters then we’d be seeing tens of thousands of cars every year with engine failures. We don’t. Fram makes a quality filter. When you’re the leader everyone tries to knock you down.


I was kinda making fun of myself. Obviously they make a decent filter.