Dealer oil changes/filters


I have a 2005 Hyundai Elantra. My check engine light came on so I went to Auto zone & they came up with code p0016, something to do with timing. Since it’s under warranty, took it to the dealer. They said nothing to do with timing. They saw I did not have a Hyundai oil filter and told me my engine is having trouble because I don’t go to the dealer for oil changes or use Hyundai oil filters. They claim anything other than Hyundai filter will not fit right so I have sludge built up from that. They want to charge me $90 to do an oil change & clean out the “sludge”.

Any comments?


P0016 is not a generic OBD2 code, could it be P0116? If so thats has nothing to do with a oil filter.


Bullcrap. As long as the filter used meets OEM standards you’re fine. It doesn’t have to be a Hyundai filter, and the changes certainly don’t need to be done at the dealer. Indeed, the Hyundai filter is likely not even made by Hyundai, but by some third party, and Hyundai just stamped their name on it.
I guess Hyundais are getting too reliable that the dealer has to resort to cheating it’s customers now.


They have a lot of nerve!


It definitely says p0016. Also says on the paperwork “crank position/cam position correlation”. My main question, though, is about what the dealer said, which is that whatever is causing the problem stems directly from the fact that I don’t use Hyundai filters.


I think the dealer was skirting with breaking the law telling you this. There is a law that makes it illegal for dealers to put conditions on the warrantee that you have to go to them for PM. Plus what he’s telling you is a load of bull. The two are completely unrelated. It sounds like the timing belt has skipped a tooth, or if you have variable valve timing, the VVT is not working properly. If the engine is running ok and fuel economy is not suffering, then its probably one of the sensors or a wire to them.


They claim anything other than Hyundai filter will not fit right so I have sludge built up from that.

I can think of no way an oil filter is going to cause sludging.  

Are they willing to put this in writing?  If so send a copy to Hyunda and ask them to comment.  That should be fun.

They owe you a free fix.


There is a Federal law that requires that common motor vehicle maintenance items must be furnished free of charge if your specific brand is required for proper vehicle function. You might want to search the net for more on this and then show your dealer.


I have to correct my statement. Replace “proper vehicle function” with “in order for the warrenty to be valid”.


It sounds so booooo-gus!


Ask the dealer to put his comments in writing! :wink:


Call the state Atorney General. This is a total line of crap. If a service manager ever pulled that on me I’d pick the little twerp up and thow him through a window. If there IS sludge you DEMAND them to remove it for FREE…

Post the town and dealer this place is so you can let everyone else here AVOID them.


I reckon if’n that don’t work, ya’ll can shoot 'im eh?


OH…I’ve thought of that too…