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Hyundai Azera-comfort and reliabilit?y

My wife has back problems. Our car dealer has recommended a Hyundai Azera. I would appreciate anyone familiar with this cars comfort as well as general satisfaction as we are not familiar with this car.

Comfort is a relative thing. Take an extended test drive(over 20 miles) and see how it feels. A short trip around the block will give a vague idea how it’ll feel, only after sitting and driving one for 20 minutes or more will it really show.

This is your 3rd separate post in 2 days on the same subject. Why do you keep posting? Didn’t you like the answers you got the first two times?

I appreciated previous responses. The reason for 2nd question was to get specific info on Azera a car which i was not familiar with. This is only my 2nd posting.

Comfort is only what the person feels. Personally I find those old American boats and current Crown Vic’s too cushy and not comfortable. I prefer a stiffer seat with real support. I know many will disagree but my preference.

Take the car for an extended test drive (eg half day). I have never had any issue doing this at a dealer if I prearrange.