Seat comfort

I’m considering getting a brand new Honda Fit, but I saw some reviews that say the Fit and some other Hondas have hard or uncomfortable seats on long trips (which I make). Is this true for the Fit in people’s experience? My 2006 Corolla has pretty comfortable seats. Thanks!

Best way to find what is comfortable for YOU is several extended test drives.


Do dealers let you take new cars on extended test drives? The longest I have ever gotten is about a half-hour before I get the heavy pressure to buy. Never heard of a dealer letting you take it for a long drive or keep it overnight. Thanks!

I got a take it home at noon and bring it back tomorrow test drive. Did a highway drive it turned out to be uncomfortable on a long drive, bought a car somewhere else, no problem.

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Rent one for a weekend


I’ve been able to take very long test drives for multiple hours. I explain the length of drive I wish to make in miles and time. I offer to buy the gas for such an extended test drive.

As suggested, renting for a day or two lets you get a full feel for a vehicle. The cost of a short rental can help avoid the huge cost of buying a vehicle that turns out to be uncomfortable.


Check prices and buy a CRV. You might like the fit but you may never love it. Plus, if you have snow you won’t have to own two sets of tires. The fuel economy of the fit isn’t that great.

Thanks! Good to know. But zero chance of snow where I live in Hawaii

The HRV is more my size though

We considered the Fit when my wife needed a new car. A friend of hers has one and yes, it has a hard ride and the seats are not very cushy. This is not a good car for long highway trips, but excellent around town. My wife got a Mazda 3 instead and is very happy with it.

The new Corolla is now very comfortable, quiet and have good seats. I’ve rented one recently. Of the compact cars on the market the Corolla is by far the most refined and the best on long trips.

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How does one make a long trip in Hawaii ?

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Sometimes I commute 40 miles each way in a day. To me that’s a long trip but I guess long trip is a relative term. My island (Oahu) is maybe only 100 miles around, but the Big Island is huge. That’s why they call it big

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I love my 2006 Corolla because it’s comfortable, but the handling leaves a lot to be desired. I love cars that have sporty go-cart like handling, tight turning radius, etc

And when I say 40 miles each way, sometimes that’s bumper to bumper stop and go traffic that takes an hour and a half.

A friend has the same sort of commute in his Honda Fit, I believe he has a EX that’s a 2015 if i remember right. He’s also taken some much longer road trips in it since he’s gotten used to it.

My grandparents lived in Kailua on the windward side from the 1960’s till 2006, it took 20yrs to rack up 45,000 miles on their 1986 Toyota Camry but that car mainly stayed within a couple miles of home other than airport runs and when we would use it as a rental once a year or so.

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Is your friend uncomfortable in the Fit on his longer trips?

Not that he’s ever mentioned, sits in the car for a couple hours a day with traffic between here and his work near Seattle and does several hundred mile trips with the family. From looking at the fit for other family members it depends on if you can adjust the seat and steering wheel for your comfort.

DJ , whether the person is comfortable or not does not mean you will be . Just go to the lot and say you would just like to set in the vehicle for about 45 minutes . That should give you some clue .

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What the heck, be a big-shooter and rent one for a whole week! That way you can try doing your normal commuting routine in it.

Sit in traffic, carry passengers, fill the trunk with pineapples, play loud Don Ho music in there, blow the horn and shake your fist, let a dog chase you, check the gas mileage, try a cross-wind, let the wind blow your hair, go crazy with it, feel the magic!

It will be money well spent and you can thank me later if you feel like it.

Aloha, Y’all, from Florida to Hawaii!

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Excellent idea to rent one for a week