Honda Civic=PAIN


I was going to buy a low mileage Honda Civic, but after I test drove this my old aching back seized up. I have back problems and I need comfort. I cannot sit in a rock hard seat. I was in severe discomfort. This was the worst car seat I’ve ever sat in. Are all Asian imports this uncomfortable? If so, what’s left for me?


All Asian cars are NOT the same. Keep shopping until you find one with a comfortable seat. It’s also possible that the seat from one year Civic to another may be quite different. Try more than one before you give up on Civics. Also try Corollas, Accords, Camrys, Mazdas, etc. There are lots of fuel-efficient cars on the used car market.


Keep trying cars. Seat comfort is very subjective and really dependent on driver preference.

If your interested in comfort small cars are not the way to go whether European, Asian or domestic. I would at least move up to a midsize car which offer more comfort in ride.


Go check out the Acura RSX, TL, or even an old Legend if you want to see how comfortable Japan can make its car seats :wink:


I agree that you just have to try seats out for yourself prior to buying simply because one man’s idea of comfort is clearly different from someone else’s.

Just as an example, I can’t sit or drive in my friend’s Accord sedan for more than 1 hour without getting a really bad lower back ache. By contrast, the seats in my Outback (admittedly the top-level leather seats in the VDC model) are so comfortable that I can drive all day without a problem.

However, when I noted this information on this site a few months ago when the subject of car seats came up, many people had the exact opposite impression of Honda seats vs. Subaru seats. Aside from Honda’s lumbar support being in the wrong place for me, what really drives me crazy with Hondas is the extremely low seating position that results in your legs being forced into an extremely extended position, rather than being able to flex the leg at the knees. Some may like this “legs out” posture, but it really kills my back.

You will just have to try out the seats for yourself, as you can’t go by anyone else’s ideas of comfort!


You might want to look at domestic mid- or full-size sedans, for instance, Chevy Impala, Buicks, Ford Taurus/500/new Taurus, or Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis. Personally, I’ve found the Impala and Crown Vic to be the most comfortable, partly because they both have front bench seats (at least the ones I’ve driven.) Especially in the Crown Vic, it’s like sitting in a big comfy couch.
Also, you might consider an SUV. One of my aunts recently had a hip replaced, and before and after the surgery, she found a new Ford Explorer to be very comfortable.


My wife had a Civic that caused me great back-pain when I drove it, so I guess I can say “I feel your pain”. She now has an Accord and I find I can tolerate it. I have a Saturn that is OK for up to an hour, after that I have to put in my lumbar support. Surprisingly, the bench seat in my Nissan PU is good for all day.

The best seats I’ve ever had were in a 90 Dodge Colt, I could drive that car all day and not feel a bit of pain or discomfort.

Seats are a very subjective item, one persons comfort is another’s pain.


My Infiniti G35 has the most comfortable seats of any car I’ve owned. It’s an Asian import manufactured by Nissan.