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Hyperactive turn signal

Hey guys,

So, I finally junked my Intrepid (long story). Thought I was getting a good deal on a 96- technically 95 but since it was made in July for whatever reason it gets registrered as a 96- anyways, Honda Accord. Car only had 127,000 miles, when I took it to my local guys for an oil change, they noted nothing out of the unusual. Now, my left turn signal flashes excessively fast and I cannot figure out why. Is this an electrical malfunction somewhere in the circuits or the computer?

The only trouble code I got on it was an 88 and I have no idea what that means. I have been really busy with school and preparing for my clinicals that I have not got a chance to go to the library and look at ALLData. The right turn signal is fine. Am I being overly paranoid? Let me know if you need more information on the car or my driving if you need more information and I’ll do my best to fill whatever in. I am at school now but don’t have any classes so I will be back periodically to check. Thanx guys.

Have You Checked All The Turn Signal Bulbs?

Usually when this happens a front or rear bulb has burned out. Turn them on and look.


Turn on your left turn signals. Walk to the front and rear of the car and see which is not flashing. Install a new bulb in the non-working location and the turn signals will probably go back to normal speed.

replace both as the working one is probably about to go too.

How much would it cost to replace?

A Pair Of Bulbs Should Be Less Than $5.00.

Do you have your Owner’s Manual? There shoulb be a “bulb chart” in there to help determine the proper bulb(s) to purchase. Alternately, a store can help you look it up.

Did you check outside, front and back, with the left signal blinking?


How much would it cost to replace?

Maybe $10 or less if you have enough mechanical aptitude to figure out how to get to the bulbs which isn’t usually that hard but sometimes is difficult enough to defeat some people. Add $20-40 if you have a mechanic do it. More at the dealer probably. Might be a bit more if the bulb isn’t a generic type.

BTW, If you don’t have the owner’s manual or can’t find the bulb chart or can’t decrypt the terminology in the bulb chart, there is usually a type code (number) on the bulb that the clerk at a parts store can use to point you to the correct bulb.

Please Note That This Hyperactive Turn Signal Can Be Hazardous To Your Health.

A burned out bulb can help contribute to an accident and/or traffic citation. I’d check it before driving anywhere.


My 99 Civic is a pain to change out the driver’s side bulb as I have to take the container of brake fluid, lift it up and out of the way to get to the back of the housing. The passenger side isn’t hard, but I think if I had the stock air box still in it, it might be.
I believe the CX-7 requires one to reach in from the wheel well on the driver’s side to get to the housing to change the bulb. For that, I’d probably just let the mechanic change it out.

Yow! That’s Almost Incredible.


Ya, my friends dad said the contact points were corrosive. He twisted and turned counter clockwise on something at the base and it must have helped somewhat because the problem stopped temporarily but now alternates between working and not working.

The covering is busted- was taped over when I bought it- I know, bad but I had less than $3000 grand (student refunds come in handy on these occassions) to haggle with and compared to the other choices this was the best deal.