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Airbag and turn signal

i have posted part of this before but I want to see if there is a connection. when i took my car to dealer, the tech wrote left turn signal bulb $26 so i’m assuming bulb was out since they wrote $26. Later that day, I changed the bulb myself. the bulb is the same as the side marker bulb. Now my left turn signal blinks dimly or not at all when headlight is on but side marker is lit brightly…same for the hazards the left side flashes dimly. Someone mentioned either the headlight/turn signal combo switch or multifunction switch (the lever for blades, headlights, turn signal). I think both items are in the steering column. Now this is what I’m curious about. The reason I went in the day i took my car and tech mentioned light bulb was because honda had a recall for driver’s side airbag. Since that is in the steering area could something have been loosened or knocked around when they were fixing the airbag? possible?

$26 for a turn signal bulb? You’re kidding, right? I sure hope that includes labor.

If they replaced the bulb, why did you change it again, later, yourself? If the problem started after you changed the bulbs, change them back to the way they were.

How old is your Accord, and why are you still taking it to a Honda dealer. Have you money to burn?

“A recall for the driver’s side airbag” is rather vague. Did they replace the airbag, or was the recall for some other component of the airbag system?

The airbag is in the steering wheel, not the steering column. Even if they removed the steering wheel they would not have had to mess with anything in the steering column.

If the multi-function switch is bad, I’d think it would affect both sides of the car, not just one corner.

Your previous post mentioned one corner, not one side. Try to keep these things together. Multiple posts for the same problem, with differing information, make it difficult to follow. You left a lot of detail out of your previous post.

I’m sorry mcparadise. It’s hard to connect what can affect the car. I’m so new to cars that I’m constantly trying to learn and then new theories will come up or you notice another problem.

Of course I did not pay $26 for them to replace the bulb. I replaced that myself. All they wrote on the paper was left turn signal $26. Since it was only $26, I assumed replacement bulb and labor is that much.

my accord is 2002 with 104,000 miles on it and i wish i had money to burn:) I wouldn’t be online for hours trying to figure out what’s wrong with my car. Autozone should have a preferred customer card for me;) I only go to honda for oil changes and recalls. Of course they will try to tell/sell what else could be wrong. sometimes i use that to see if there really is something wrong. I do brake pads and aligments, etc there…they have specials that are close to competitors. for those minor services i dont mind using them. and if they mess up, much easier to go to them and have them fix at no charge.

in terms of airbag, my receipt says they replaced left airbag inflator…not sure what that is.

I agree with you that I don’t think it’s the multifunction switch. when i was referring to one corner, i meant the front left turn signal but the back is affected…the rear signal blinks really fast. I assumed that if the rear bulb is good then something in the front is causing the rear to blink fast. the front socket and wires look good. I am trying to figure out how to follow the wires to the battery to see if something is bad. also, i want to see if it’s a faulty turn signal/flasher relay. easier to check that than bad turn signal switch.