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Hydrongen assist conversion kit

Has anyone had any experience with the hydrogen assist conversion kit that has been advertised in Newsweek?

SCAM, beyond any doubt. There are many other posts on this topic.

I don’t see any such ad in Newsweek, 3 Mar edition.

Has Newsweek lowered themselves that far? I believe Popular Mechanics did have the add for that SCAM.

I’ll wait till I actually see the ad.

No magazine or newspaper or TV station or radio station can check all the ads they run for veracity. To verify would be un-American. You are free to be as big a fool as you want around here. BTW, I am not implying that you are a fool, Joseph. I have a high opinion of you despite the occasional disagreements we have. ;^)

Auto accessory ads don’t seem to be Newsweeks thing. I suspect the cost of an ad there is more than the scam artists can afford.

Newsweek ads tend to be drugs, funds, large companies like Microsoft, BASF.

it’s probably a form that’s been written out that only needs a couple blanks filled in, kinda like those companies that put out tons of personalized letters.
“Dear _____
we at XYZ company would like to thank you for your business in _____(city), ____(state)

In all likelihood, it’s another f***ing bulls*** scam.

I tried it at Bikini Atoll. Luckily, the government covered it up by saying it was a new technology that worked well.

they stole mine while I was inside eating breakfast. I seen someone outside around my car after I wrote how wonderful the product was. Somehow, they broke into my car without breaking the glass, popped my hood, stole the device, but left everything else alone, course I stopped them before they done anything else to the car.
Now I’m stuck with that PICC, turbonator, slick50, acetone, and magnets on my fuel line. I went from 3000000 mpg down to 1500000 mpg