Hydrolic clutch line

WE are replacing the transmission in a 1990 ford ranger. The tranny’s are different makes so the new one needs a new line from the slave cylinder to the master.

The problem is that they are no longer made and no one seems to have one anymore.

The old line…from the Tranny that came out…will not fit up, because of the difference in the way it is bent(one plugs into the from the top, the other from the side.)

I doubt if any places that make up custom hydrolic (flexable) lines would have the fittings that small. If they did, I would pull the slave and Master, Drill and tap them both for flare fittings and go that route.

This owner has little to spend, so buying a newer vehicle would be a real burden.

Any ideas from any of you.


I know exactly what you’re talking about.

I don’t know where you got the replacement transmission from, but bring it back. It won’t work. You’re dealing between a Ford and Mazda drivetrain.

If you don’t replace the transmission with the exact same type, not only will you be replacing the hydraulic line when found, but also the master cylinder.

The fittings for the clutch hydraulic system are not compatible between the two. So you have to install the same type of transmission that came out.


Some places have all size fittings. You could go to a tractor repair shop.