Hydraulic clutch


After a recent clutch replacement on my 93 Explorer I have to top off the clutch fluid every other day. I’m not sure if I have kinked and cracked the hose during clutch replacement, or if there might be a seal that has gone bad in the coupleing where the hydraulic line goes into the slave cylinder. The drip is showing up at the extreme bottom of the hydraulic line, so I don’t know if it is driping from the probable crack or the seal in the coupleing . Does anyone have legitimate experience with Ford hydraulic clutches?


I think I know what you’re saying. I was finding brake fluid puddles way up by the front wheel of my car, but no evidence of leakage from that brake assembly. Made no sense to me at all and took a while to trace- turned out the master cylinder was leaking and the fluid was running down the booster, dripping onto the steering shaft, running down the shaft, then dripping onto the frame, and running down the frame, dripping onto the lower a-arm and running down the arm to the wheel assy!

I suggest you do what I did- wipe everything clean, then strategically place some clean paper towel in the suspicious areas (secure it w/ some twist-tie if necessary). Pump your clutch a few times and see which paper toweled area comes up wet.


When you replaced the clutch, did you also replace the slave cylinder? If not, then I would have to say that the O-ring at the coupling is probably leaking. Before the slave cylinders became part of the clutch kit for these vehicles, I would replace the O-ring at the coupler just so I would know I wouldn’t end up with any leaks.