Replacing clutch master and slave cylinders

I have a 1994 Ford f150 4wd. The clutch master cylinder is leaking. One mechanic suggests just repairing the master cylinder. Another says that if the master is leaking, repairing it alone isn’t a good idea because if the slave isn’t working properly, you might not be able to tell and could ruin your clutch.

Any advice?


Normally, if the master cylinder is leaking, you also replace the slave cylinder. But in your case, in order to replace the slave cylinder in your truck the transmission requires removal. I’d put the master cylinder in and cross my fingers.


Some good sounding ideas don’t work in the real world. Fix the master cylinder problem. When the slave cylinder gets changed, the clutch should be changed while the transmission is off, so you won’t profit by changing the slave cylinder now. If the clutch works right, so does the slave cylinder. If you have a bad part, don’t change the whole car, unless I say to change the car, which I like to recommend.