Transmission removal with hydraulic clutch

I can’t get the hydraulic line on the hydraulic clutch to release from the cylinder so that the transmission can be removed. Can anyone help me?

it’s for a 1992

I’ve seen this set-up before, and thankfully never had to work on it. The hydraulic clutch line is plastic and pressed onto the connector at the hydraulic throw-out bearing. I don’t think there is a way to remove this line without destroying it. It is also pressed into the plastic master cylinder. If I remember correctly, the line must be replaced if disconnected.

What does the repair manual have to say?

Unfortunatley the fix is going to take some time. Spray the heck out of where the ends meet with a penetrating spray (WD-40) and let it sit for a day or two. Make sure you have the right seperating tool. You can rent them from a convenience parts store - thats the only thing they’re good for. Then look into a shop manual at a public library or something and determine which way you have to push/pull the retaining fitting. On my Explorer I have to push in towards the clutch and wiggle the line until it decides to let go of it. Especially if you use your car off road. Little tiny bits of gravel make the coupling assembly stick.

You need a tool like this.

Push this tool on the connector for the hydraulic fitting while pulling on the line and the line will pop out.


thanks guys. it never came apart.