Hydrogen service?

A guy on a Nissan Frontier forum I visit posted about some dealer recommended service on his 2018 Frontier. One service was a Hydrogen Service. Everyone thought the dealer meant Nitrogen service for his tires, so he scanned the dealers proposal and it did indeed list Hydrogen Service.

There is no explanation of what it is, just 24HY (gas) Hydrogen Service total $209.44. I even Googled this and nothing came up and as an owner of a Nissan Frontier, it is not in the maintenance schedule.

BTW, this is for his upcoming 60K service, 4.0L engine.

As a fellow Frontier owner, I believe this is a complete scam.


So has everyone else, me included, on the forum.

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Here you go- Hydrogen Fuel Service Program for Dealers - YouTube

What a SCAM!! I almost spit my coffee onto the computer screen. The claim that putting hydrogen into the combustion chamber will ‘turn carbon deposits back into oil’ is nuts. Guess what hydrogen does in a combustion chamber - it combusts, forming water.

I guess somebody had a bunch of HHO generators sitting around…

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Another “wallet vac”. Back in the old days of carburetors, we used to take a kids squirt gun and squirt water into the carb of a running engine. It would turn to steam and clean the piston tops and combustion chambers (and spark plug tips). Pull the plugs right after and they looked like they just came out of the sand blaster.


I can verify this based on a failing head gasket in my 89 Suburban. I suspected a bad head gasket when I pulled the plugs for a compression test. The offending 2 cylinder’s plugs looked brand new. The combustion chambers and piston tops were clean when the head came off.

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Yeah, back in the day we used to simply put water spray into the intake if the engine starting pinging due to carbon buildup. But you had to be smart about it. Now, with this ‘miracle of modern science’ you avoid that risk and it is much more efficient- it has two hoses, one pressure and one vacuum. One goes to the engine and one goes to the customer pocket…