Ranger intermittent no start

I have a 2000 Ranger with a four-cylinder engine and over 100K miles. It was great until October. After a long trip, I ran into the house and when I returned it wouldn’t start. I had it towed to a shop, but it always started for them and they couldn’t do anything. This problem recurs about once a month, but then the truck starts after I wait an hour or have it towed. The service writer at the Ford dealer thinks it’s the electric fuel pump, but won’t replace it unless it actually fails while at this shop. Any advice???

I agree with the service writer. You can stop by the dealer every time you go by and when it fails to start there have it diagnosed quickly. Thats what we did, diagnosis ~ fuel pump.

Does the problem occur only in wet weather?

Good question. It has never occurred in wet weather. The weather has been warm and dry when the truck hasn’t started. I live outside of Los Angeles, and warm and dry is pretty much what we get.