Truck Stops running

I have a 2005 Ford Ranger that after running for about 1/2 hour just stops running and will not start again unless it sits for several hours. I took it to a mechanic. He said the fuel pump was losing pressure and needed to be replaced. I had him replace it. On the way home (about 1/2 hour) it stopped running. Help

i would get a spark tester that connects between your spark plug wire and your spark plug hook it up and leave it there be sure to keep it from touching the manifold the next time your truck won’t start have someone crank it over while you watch the light i believe you are loosing spark either due to a bad icm or a bad coil

I assume you get no check engine light? I would check the spark as well when it dies. Could be a bad coil/ignition pack. if it is an electronic ignition it should set a code though.

This is what it is you need.

In case it is a fuel problem, you can find that out by using a Starting Fluid when it stalls. It’s easy to use. You could have someone to show you.

It appears the mechanic misdiagnosed the trouble. I would suspect the fuel pump relay may be causing power to the pump to drop off. The trouble may also be due to a faulty wire connection to the pump. As the bad connection heats up more resistance takes place and finally it is enough to make the pump stop working.

I tend to agree, but that 1/2hour cool down is odd. Then again, it might not be a half hour since he may have tried to start it multiple times and within 1/2 hour the relay started working.

I guess I did not make myself clear enough. The truck will only run for about 1/2 hour before stalling. After that it will have to sit for several hours before it will start again.

To see if my previous post about this trouble may be correct I suggest you carry a can of starter fluid with you to have on hand when the trouble occurs again. When it does spray some fluid into the intake and see if the engine fires then. If it does then it is a fuel problem and I would check those things I suggested previously. A bad wire connction or faulty relay can do just what you described about the trouble. If the engine still doesn’t fire using the starter fluid then I would have to suspect an ignition problem.