Windstar van-No gas

1999 Windstar van, this has happened 6-8 times in past year: After driving for 45 minutes + on interstate, when I get into a stoplight or stop-n-go situation, the van may die. Sometimes will re-start for 30 seconds or so before dying again. Eventually must have it towed. Clearly seems to be a problem of engine not getting gas; very similar to bad fuel filter or fuel pump. However, filter is new, and the next day can often re-start the van, indicating fuel pump is OK. And, it only happens given this specific set of circumstances. Tank can be full or less than 1/4. Couple of times have burned out fuel pump fuses, but when replaced them it ran OK. On other occasions, don’t have a problem with fuses.

Has been looked at by 3 or 4 mechanics, they have run diagnostics and can’t find the problem.

Will also mention: This van has some electrical problems (rear AC will come on for no reason, one sliding door locks and can’t unlock it, etc.)

Am I looking at electrical, fuel system, computer problem, ???

The blowing of the fuel pump fuse is disconcerting. Has the current draw of the pump been measured. Fuel pumps can fail intermittantly. One way to diagnose is to thump on the bottom of the gas tank when the engine will not start. If the engine now will start, suspect a failing fuel pump.

Having a new filter is a way of easing the load on the fuel pump. Have you measured the fuel pump pressure when it is running and when it will not start?

Hope this helps.