Ford explorer died while driving

I was driving home the other night and without any warning my 2005 Ford Explorer just died - all of the guages went to zero - lights stayed on inside and out - but the engine just quit - muscled it over to the side of the road and it fired right back up - drove home the rest of the way without icident - tried to start it several time the next day and it did have trouble starting one time - took three tries to get it going -but subsequent tries were fine - replaced battery as a precaution - was able to check codes, but none came up - drove home from parents house that day (abut 75 milrs) without any more trouble - tank was full to half full -any ideas onwhat caused it to dir suddenly for noa pparent reason>

The time you had trouble starting it, it was crank, but no run? It could be other things, but one thing it could be is the fuel pump.

Yes a fuel pump problem will shut it down right away and prevent a start. Also a loss of spark such as a crank sensor, computer ground, or engine ground also. Problem is that it will be tough to find anything if it isn’t doing it at the time.

yes, it would crank but not run - tried three times, same result - 4th time it started right up and ran fine - it has started and run fine ever since

A dirty fuel filter can cause the engine to run intermittently. Change it, first. The fuel filter should be changed every 35,000 miles (or, so). Your fuel filter is underneath the truck. You will, probably, need the tool to release the fuel lines from the fuel filter. The auto parts store has those tools.

Also check your engine air filter and MAF. If the filter is past replacement time or improperly installed, it can let dirt get on the MAF. It doesn’t take much on the MAF before it will stall the engine out.