Humpback Whale in my hood?

I have a 2005 Honda CRV. Sometimes (not often) it will make a sound like the singing of a humpback whale. The sound will continue even after I turn the car off, for a few minutes. It doesn’t seem to matter if the air conditioner is on or not. What could be causing this?

You first. Lift the hood and try to determine which component is making the noise. If you can’t identify any of those “dark, greasy shapes,” maybe you have a neighbor who can.

Ditto to what Steve said.

Since it still continues for a few minutes after the car is turned off, don;t forget to look at the cooling fan. Other likely components, the PS pump, the alternator, the AC compressor, etc. shut down immediately with the engine, but the cooling fan is run for a minute to clear out heat from under the hood.

Thanks! I just assumed all the fans stopped when the car was turned off. I will check it out!

I had the same problem with my 08 CRV. Whale noises while driving, braking, and even 3 seconds after I shut it off. Here is what it was on my car and how I fixed it. The noise is from the power steering pump. I used a fluid transfer pump to drain the ps reservoir (like the pumps in the syrup at Starbucks) filled it up with new fluid, ran the car turning the steering back and forth the full range to circulate. Repeated the cycle 3x and on the last full up used Lucas power steering fluid with conditioners. The noise is gone. I hope this helps you, I can’t stand when I find posts like this with no answer. Good luck with your whale l, Tom


Do think after nine years they figured it out?

Or even still own the vehicle?



Then you might want to avoid online help Forums because that is how a high percentage of them are.