Car Makes Weird Noise

I have a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire that just had the fuel pump replaced and now I’m hearing this weird noise humming/ whining while idling. I looked underneath the hood but couldn’t hear it, seems to only be coming from inside the cabin. It seems to stop for a second when I turn the A/C on but then continues.

Check to see if the sound changes at all with different fan speeds with the AC. If so, then I would think you may have either debris caught in the fan, orf the fan bearing is starting to fail.

If it is that a faulty fuel pump was installed and this is making the noise, you should be able to hear that under the back seat or putting your ear to the fuel filler with the cap off.

If this does not make the noise more prominent, then you may have a bearing or idler pulley that is going out.
This would not be related to the fuel pump replacement, and would be a coincident that it cropped up after the fuel pump replacement.


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Thank you! The noise did not change when I changed the speed of the A/C. I’m going to drop it off at my mechanic and hope it’s not something expensive.

Could be a blend door on your A/C sticking or possibly the fan motor.

This is what they ended up doing and failed to address the issue of the noise. I ended up going to pick it up after hours because I couldn’t make there when they were open and the noise is still going on. I ended up just leaving it there.

I feel like it must be the fuel pump because it wasn’t making this noise before they had replaced it. When I left it the keys in the drop box I made sure to leave them a note about that.

Turns out it was the fuel pump.

You should have started with Yosemite’s advice. Hopefully that other stuff was actually in need of replacement…

Yeah, I hope that stuff needed to be replaced to. I didn’t grow up around cars, so I have no idea what anything would sound like if it needed to be replaced.
Ive had the car for two years and I’ve been taking my car to the same place since I got it. The manager seems like a good guy.