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2005 Accord Whine

My 2005 Accord V-6 makes a howling (actually a loud whine) when started in very cold weather (e.g., below 25 degrees). The sound goes a way after a few miles driving. It appears to come from a small “pump” looking thing at the top and on the left (facing the car) of the engine, which is attached to a pulley. My mechanic - although he did not actually hear it - says it’s nothing to worry about; it’s just the cold. Anybody know what it is, and should I worry about it?

That “pump thing” is probably the power steering pump. They often whine during a warmup from very cold. Check to make sure the reservoir attached to the pump has enough fluid in it. If the whine disappears after warm up, I would check the belt tension to see if it is the right tightness. Since you are not familair with what’s under the hood, please let a qualified person do this for you.

My first thought was the alternator. Alternators will do this too when the bearings are going out.

Pop the hood the next time it’s making the noise and see if you can tell from where it’s coming. A metal rod touched to various components might help. The vibrations will propogate up the rod and amplify, perhaps even allowing you to “feel” the noise.

CAUTION: DO NOT stick it into any holes or get it caught in anything spinning… BE CAREFUL.

That’s the power steering pump on that engine.

If that’s where the noise is coming from, it means the power steering pump bearing is wearing out.