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Humming in Dakota

while driving truck makes a sometimes loud humming noise while veering left, and quiet humm while going straight, it is perfectly quiet when turning right. noise seems to be coming from the front of the truck. truck is a 2002 with 153,000 miles on it. it does not pull in any direction while driving. i took it to a tire/alignment garage, and they sold me 2 front tires (which it kind of needed) but this did not address the problem at all. any advice or suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. LOVE YOUR SHOW !!! best, Jim

It is very possible that your right front wheel bearing is bad. Since this is a safety issue, I would suggest that you have a mechanic (not a tire shop) check both front wheel bearings a.s.a.p.

Awesome, thank you for the suggestion, will get it in to a Mechanic tomorrow. hopefully won’t cost too much … really appreciate the response. Jim

i took it in and told them that it was suggested that my problem was the front wheel bearings. they checked, and it was. they replaced the housing (which they tell me is all one part housing and bearings, and much stronger infact than they used to be) The total bill was less than $250, and the car now rides smooth and quiet… no more worrisome humming… thank you so much for the suggestion, which hit the nail on the head. YEAH!!! — i’ve been telling EVERYONE about your show and this site…

You are very welcome!
We don’t always find out if our suggestions were helpful, so it is very much appreciated that you let us know the outcome.

Please come back if you have any further automotive problems.

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