2002 Tahoe Humming front end

So today while driving, on pavement, I noticed a low humming coming from my right front tire, looked under the car, everything looked fine, the boot ect. The hum starts at about 25mph and speeds up consistently w/ my driving speed. The truck itself is riding just fine, normal, no issues, but the humming almost seems to have gotten more noticeable throughout today. What could it be? How do I go about diagnosing it?

The first thing that I would check for is a failing wheel bearing.
This is a potential safety issue, so I would suggest that you get to this task very soon.

Does the sound change when the steering wheel is turned off-center (i.e. changing lanes)? If so, this is a good indicator of a failing wheel bearing.

Ed B.

VCdriver is right, its a failing wheel bearing. On this vehcile you need to have it looked at /fix asap. If the abs light comes on stop and call for a tow. When mine went the abs light came on and I only made it 5 miles before seized up. A freinds truck almost burn up when the bearing failed on his. The grease was burning when he stoped. He had the new bearing and was on the way to fix it. His was just humming too. Mine never made a noise.