Humming like noise

Dodge Dakota. I hear a humming noise from front suspension area. Just did an alignment also new ball Joints and tie rods. Thought it would be the hub assembly so I bought a new one put it on and drove but noise is still there. Gets loader the faster I go. I’m lost now

One hub assembly? There are 2. Maybe you changed the wrong one? It would be useful for us to know if this is a 2WD or 4WD, what engine and how many miles on the truck.

4 wd drive. Only replaced driver side cause that’s where it sounds like its coming from

160,000 and 4.7L

Noises can fool you. It may be the other bearing. Hums that change with speed certainly sound like bearing noises. It could be in the front differential as well.

Does the noise change if you are in 4WD? If it does, it might be diff noise. Have you checked the fluid level in the front diff?

Have you jacked up the front end, put the truck into neutral and rotated everything by hand and felt for vibration? I’d suggest doing that.

If it IS a bearing noise… you can guarantee it won’t get better. It will be easier to find as it gets worse.

I have not checked other side I will now but have not put into 4wheel either nor check diff level. I dont know how to check level

There will be a pipe plug on the differential housing itself or on the diff cover. The plug will be about the halfway up from the bottom. If it has a drain plug, it will be on the bottom. Don’t remove that. The plug might have an outside square or an inside square that will fit a 3/8 ratchet extension. Unscrew the plug and stick you finger in. There should be enough lube to reach the bottom of the hole on level ground. If you can’t get any on the tip of your finger, the fluid is low. Add whatever weight lube your owners manual says until it dribbles out of the hole. Probably 75W90 or 75W140.

Then look for and repair the leaking seal before lack of lube kills the diff bearings.

Ok so I lifted both sides up, driver side I spend tire by hand and a certain spot on the rotation u can hear a rub like noise. I want to say that is the noise I hear on the road. Is that part of the diff?

And does front end have the differential?

Inspect the joints on the front drive shaft, I believe that those are known to be a problem.