2014 Dodge Dart humming noise?

So I have a 2014 Dodge Dart and I cant figure out what a certain noise is so hopefully someone can help me. Once I pass 50 mph on the expressway I start hearing a very noticeable humming noise. No screeching or no grinding. Im about 60% sure it’s the hub bearings but I’d like some advice. I changed the rear ones about a month ago thinking it was the rear but unfortunately it did bot solve the noise. The car does handle better with the new rear bearings but I can still feel a decrease in handling and that very annoying hum. When I pass 70 mph it gets really loud.

Does the noise change in any way when you turn to the left or right? Most cars have a plastic cowl that fits over the engine. It muffles engine noise noticeably. Somehow we lost one on a car we had, and the change in noise was obvious over 40 mph. No change turning left or right. The cowl is a lot less expensive than front wheel bearings if that’s what it is. I agree that wheel bearings are still on the list, though.

How old are the rear tires? Not miles on them… how many years. If they are the original tires never rotated to the front, they very well could be making the noise you hear.

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If you slowly rev the engine in neutral or park do you hear the noise ? If not then you know it may be wheel bearings . If you do then it could bearings in a idler pulley, tensioner or alternator .