Hubcap Lock and Key

I have aftermarket hubcap locks on my vehicle which no car repair shop seems to have a key for.

Can someone help me to find a replacement key?

I made an impression of the lock bolt head with some putty to view the size and pattern.

I thought I might use a putty that hardens, then possibly use that to remove the locks. Then I can replace the locks with bolts with the same Allen hex head type bolt that I have used on one of the hubcaps.



Maybe a Cadillac dealer has a key? Otherwise I think you might be able to have someone braze a bolt to it so you can unscrew the bolt. Have you checked very thoroughly in the area where your spare and tire changing tools are? it sometimes is in a bag with the lug wrench.

A cousin in rural Mexico told me he couldn’t find the wheel bolt key for the Yukon his son brought back from the US. I went to the car, and in about 15 seconds found it in the center console. He had no idea where to look so didn’t look very hard. Not all stories end that well, but it does happen.

It looks to me like you might be able to grab the center of the lock with a pair of needle nose vise-grips.