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'99 merc's aftermarket anti theft wheels


got my dead dad’s merc, I have a flat tire, luckily at home (I live on an island) on florida coast, I have the “key-tool” to the wheel locks, but cannot get it to turn

merc dealer says it’s aftermarket they can’t help

local tow truck guy says tow int in and torch all four wheel off, losing rims and tires and who knows what

I have an axe

but can’t get any of the four tires to unlock, so I can’t even see what I’m up against

any ideas ?


oh yeah hi, I’m rick en

Is it the kind that you use with a socket and wrench? Do you not have enough leverage? Or is it a regular key that is used to somehow lock the pieces together? Maybe need WD40?

And I assume we’re talking Mercedes, not Mercury!

no it’s a mercury grand marquis

the “tool” is something resembling a star…ala an old fashion coke machine key for the cash till…or a pay telephone …looks like it’s made of tin, and by looking it’s definitly no good, it’ll tighten the lock a tad, but slips up & out on counter-clockwise turns
wondering if welding some stock to each wheel lock will “create” a key to unlock only…get cover off and throw away… like I did with the locking gascap…better than torching everything off
but there has to be something easier ?
maybe grinding/creating in a screw driver slot seems logical, but seems as bad as welding on hex-stock

surely I’m not the first with this problem

Here’s what I use to remove locking lug nuts when the special tool is lost. Most parts stores sell these.


but this has a center locking ‘disc’ holding the ‘hubcap’ over the lugnuts
can’t get at the lugnuts

Then SEARS sells a socket set that does the same thing as the lug nut socket. One of these might work?


sorry Tester
wish I had a camera

the wheel cover is a plastic bee hive design cover entire wheel, the center is made of metal 4"-6" in diameter, covering the lugnut’s pattern (from measuring the spare tire lugnut holes pattern)

breaking the plastic part could be done with the axe
but the metal protecting/covering the lugnuts will probably take more than axe ?

if I had access to the lugnuts I bet this regular old lugwrench from the trunk would turn em
just can’t seem to get at the lugnuts

I just love mechanical things

Take a look here, let us know if any of these hubcaps look like it:


What’s the name of the grinding tool with the cutting wheel?


4 1/2" angle grinder with a 4 1/2" cutting wheel.



Surely that would cut this thing off to access the lug nuts.


yes it’s #FRD007 A
except it’s 15" wheel
under the center logo cap is the wheel lock

I beat on the center locking nub of the lock…its raised about 1/4"… with a 2lb and chistle…didn’t make a dent

I have a dremel can go to the mainland to see if local store has a cutting wheel for it…you mean cutting groove for a screwdriver slot, right Roadrunner ?

I’m sorry to hear you lost your father.

You can try that first if you want, but I was thinking IF you want to dispose of these 4 headaches would be to just cut them off the wheel. They will likely be damaged anyway.

The studs and nuts can be replaced as needed. I think you can cut the locking nut off without cutting into the rim.

Are the wheels simalar to this?

Do you have an owners manual that has information on changing a tire?
I believe the center cap has a small slot in it that you incert the sharp end of the lug nuy wrench into, and then pry off.

If you’re useing the locking lug nut “Key” nut, I find it helpful to use a 18" breaker bar and a short extension. The lug nuts may have been installed with an air wrench, so you may encounter some resistance.

Find a car thief.  Chances are he will be able to get them off in a matter of seconds.

Why is the tire flat (besides losing its air)? To save a tow bill, you could air the tire with a can of Fix-a-Flat. If there is a puncture, you could plug the puncture with a screw or nail, and then, use the Fix-a-Flat.
There are special tools for your problem. Not every mechanic has the special tools. Call service stations, and tire shops, and ask the mechanic if s/he has the special tools. You may have to call a dozen----but, that’s what telephones are for. When you find one, you can drive to the service station or tire store.

I have two cans of fixaflat stuff, but nowhere to take this car once I get the cheap-flat fix, I took my wife’s car, with logo center wheelcover and the “keytool” to describe/illustrate the type of “lock” of this car’s wheels literally all over this county…(yeah it’s a rural county) and no one, sheriff’s dept included, has ever seen this type…only seen the anti-theft lugnut type…for which a new key IS sold at the local NAPA…also the lugnut buster tool suggested above
problem is not with the lugnuts,
it’s getting the circle of metal covering the lugnuts off…which will allow the wheel cover/hubcap to give access to the lugs

So, have you aired the tire up, yet? If you haven’t, why not? Air the tire with the Fix-a-Flat. Take the car (the 1999 Mercury GM)to a salvage yard for help in removing the center cap. I’m sure these guys know how to remove that center cap ---- without destroying the wheel or wheel cover. There is an automotive recycler in your county, or the next county, isn’t there? You could, also, stop at repair shops along the way.

10 miles away is a NAPA store
I guess I could buy a couple cases of fixaflat and head out for parts unknown, hoping for the right direction, destination, and hoping for a lot of luck

am I the first person to have this problem ?

kinda funny, never having been first at anything before

maybe the florida lottery (which I’ve never played) is my best option

come on
surely someone has had this happen before…lost the key etc…I mean this is a grampa-mobile-circa 1999