Locking Rims/ Missing Key

Does Anyone know how to get a replacement key made for a lost rim key? They are ICW 18 inch rims, and ICW appears to be out of business. Where I live in Southwest Florida, there are no large tire & rim shops. I am wondering if a locksmith might be able to make one or If I drove 3 hours to Miami or Tampa I might be able to get one.


Can you take an image of the locking lug nut?

Depending on the pattern, it might not be feasible to fabricate a new key.

But instead replace all the lug nuts with four locking lug nuts with a new key.


Have you tried any tire shops? They may have to destroy the locks but you need them off anyway.

Are you referring to the center cap bolts on the rim or the lug nuts? I would try a local tire shop if you want the locking bolts for the center cap. You can also look online at Mcmaster Carr it you don’t mind using standard fasteners. Can you post a picture of what it is you are looking for?


Sears(craftsman) has wheel lock removers for cheap.Pick the right socket, pound it onto the wheel lock (w/hammer),use half-inch drive to slowly remove it.Replace locks w/ high-quality and high- strength wheel locks.I knew someone that replaced the lugnuts w/ these slotted lugnuts(which had their own unique socket) that felt like aluminum.Of course they broke off and I’m not sure if he ever got that wheel off the car.