Steering wheel lock removal

The Toyotas of the 90’s have round headed bolts holding the steering wheel lock/ignition switch assembly. Must I drill and use an extraction device, or is there a better way?

At least, on 70’s and 80’s models, I found these to be not very tight. Using a hammer & small chisel, gently tapping the side of the rounded head, in the ccw direction, was enough to get them started, then pliers and fingers got them the rest of the way. The bolts originally have a hex head, but this breaks off at the desired torque value, leaving the rounded head you are seeing. HTH

Thanks for the tip. On this year/model, the heads are small and access is tight. Perhaps I could fashion a narrow chisel with a slight angle to fit in the space. Or, if the bolt heads are soft steel, I could pound a slot into them and use an impact tool to twist it off?

Sounds like the slot idea would work. A hammer-drive impact might do best here.