Hub amssembly 2004 grand prix

I want to change my hub assembly myself but I can’t seem to find the torque spec… I need them for the 3 bolts that holds the assembly and the axle nut.

THe Data that I found is 90 in lbs on the hub bolts.
The axle nut I couldn’t find, but should be 130 in lbs.


The axle nut torque should be 118 FOOT/lbs, not inch/lbs as Yosemite stated. I’m sure that was a typo…haha.

Have you removed the old hub bearing?

Ooooops, I looked at the wrong listing @icecajun. 96 in lbs on the hub nuts

Here is the spec’s page link.


Yosemite, your link says 96 pound-feet, ie, foot-pounds

My mistake it is foot lbs…not inch lbs. I can’t figure out why I typed in lbs…old age…tired brain cells.
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Thanks fro catching that @BillRussell.

no problem. Good story about the stiff neck.