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Lug nut torque

Hey everyone,
Trying to find the correct lug nut torque for my 77 f-150, 4x4. Anyone have any ideas?


According to this, it’s 90 ft-lbs

I always use the correct torque if possible. If not…“tight” has always served me well through the years.

I got new tire on alloy wheel last month. Just reminded me I should recheck torque on that wheel.

The indicated amount of torque given by db4690 falls right in the range of most Ford trucks with 1/2 lugs. IMHO, if it’s off slightly is not as important as that they are all the same.

Thanks db4690! That was a great PDF.


No problem

There’s some interesting stuff floating out in cyberspace . . .

I just found some interesting stuff on my grand nephew’s computer while I had it for repair. I installed a program that won’t allow him to do that anymore until he reaches the age of 18.