Lug nut torque specs


Can anyone provide torquing specs to tighten up the lug nuts on a 2003 Toyota Tacoma

Prerunner, 2wd!..thanx!


It is usually around 100 ft-lbs for just about every vehicle. Just too double check I looked in the Haynes Manual of my Ranger and it does say 100 ft-lbs.


I know that this type of information in contained in Subaru Owner’s Manuals as well as the manuals of other makes of vehicle. Doesn’t Toyota provide that type of info in their manuals?


It’s almost always between 90 and 100 ft-lbs. Make sure you retorque them after driving around for a day or so.


…ah…you’d think so wouldn’t you…I mean its so obviously a good idea for the writers at Toyota…alas, its not in there…it’s more than time for me to pickup the mechanical manual!


Gee it’s in the manual for my 2005 4-runner. I’d be real surprised if it’s NOT in your manual.


I’d double check the manual/dealer, cause lists this for your vehicle’s lug nut torque specs:

Tacoma - 1999-2008 — 85 ft-lbs

Seems like a lot of imports only specify 80/85 ft-lbs, while domestics are usually 100. Not sure why.


I think the sheet I got from NTB when they put my new rims on said 80 ft/lbs. Maybe it has something to do with bolt patterns, or engine output, I’m not sure.