Torque specs needed

Can someone please give me the torque spec for the rocker arm nuts on a 2002 Grand Prix 3.1 eng or tell me where to find them on the net?

I don’t have the book for this particular year, wasting time searching the net and car is apart so I can’t run to the store to get a manual. I sure don’t want to reassemble this motor with the wrong torque on the push rods.

Thank you in advance of any information.

You MAY find what you want this way: Type in web search: 2002 3.1L engine torque specs/granprix

You may get lucky, phone an independent shop and ask nicely.

Good luck.

You are reassembling the motor without the repair manual? Why?

Got to Autozone’s website. You can register, plug in the car’s info and get access to free online repair.

I just took a quick look and I believe you’re after 89 inch lb. + another 30 degree turn.

But you should go look yourself just to be sure you’re getting exactly what you need. I’d post the URL but it all only works now if you register (this is easy and nonintrusive).

Thanks for the information- I know this sounded like a silly request as there are several ways to obtain the torque specs- It was Sunday, nobody really open, frustrated looking on net for this particular year’s specs- As to why I was reassembling eng with out manual- I have done this proceedure several times over the years, I have (and use) several manuals but none specifically for 202 Grand Prix- I just wanted to be SURE on the torque of the rocker arms.
Thanks again.

Here is the installation procedure from ALLDATA…

Important: Coat the bearing surface of the rocker arms, rocker arm bolts, and pushrods with prelude GM P/N 1052367 (Canadian P/N 992869) or its equivalent. Install all of the components in their original location.

Use the following steps in order to install the pushrods.
1.1. Coat the ends of the pushrods with prelude GM P/N 1052367 (Canadian P/N 992869) or equivalent.
1.2. Install the intake valve pushrods measure 144.18 mm (5.68 in) long.
1.3. Install the exhaust valve pushrods measure 152.51 mm (6.0 in) long.

Install the rocker arms. Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions.
Install the rocker arm bolts. See TSB 02-06-01-034
Tighten the rocker arm bolt to 14 Nm (124 in. lbs.) . Using the J 36660-A rotate the bolt an additional 30 degrees.
Install the valve rocker arm covers.

Thank you.