HR 5180 to limit ethanol to 9.7% in fuel



Where did you hear that crap??? I suggest you visit the top high tech colleges in this country (and other countries). Far less then 1% are Christians.


Sorry -but you haven’t a clue. You must be a Fox News listener


Yes, facts tend to mess up liberal narratives that are usually incoherent…by the way, I am a blue collar life long union Teamster with no party affiliations…but I suspect your instincts have been failing you for quit some time now…


But it’s kind of enjoyable to joust with guys like that

And I’m not really getting into it, because I’m not going to attempt to cite an evidence, for either side

I find guys like this amusing . . . his comments make me smile :smiling_imp:

Sure less exhausting than talking to Uncleharry, for example

Trust me, this guy can’t say anything that really upsets me

He’s clearly fot FAR more invested in this than I do


And I suppose your instincts have been serving you well . . . ?!


You claim to have no party afiiliations, but yet you seem to be leaning HEAVILY towards the right

Nice to know we’ve got somebody coherent on this forum, who can set us straight



What FACTS?? Go take a college level science class sometime.


Yes, facts tend to mess up liberal narratives that are usually incoherent.

When one person makes an accusation, check to be sure he himself is not the guilty one. Sometimes it is those whose case is weak who make the most clamour. Piers Anthony

As far as back as the George W. Bush administration, the Defense Department was warning that global warming posed a threat to U.S. national security, and that the military needed to be preparing accordingly.

the House passed an amendment prohibiting the department from spending money to put its new plan into effect.

Read more:

Wisconsin Agency Bans Talk of Climate Change
State treasurer convinces commissioners to pass the

In Florida, officials ban term ‘climate change’

. Reports from InsideClimate News and the Los Angeles Times revealed that Exxon’s own scientists had confirmed by the early 1980s that fossil fuel pollution was causing climate change, yet Exxon funded organizations that helped manufacture doubt about the causes of climate change for decades afterward

Legislate away the verbage and the potential problem does not exist. Right?


Please provide a citation for that “fact.”


I was involved in scientific research, identified myself as a Catholic, but understood the dichotomy between the bible and science, I did not let the dogma of religion overscore the facts of my research, or belief in evolution etc. Guess I am not an all or none type of guy.


Prove I’m wrong. I don’t remember ever responding to you.




Hello there. I took half of Labor Day weekend off from checking in here…could you please bring this back around to automotive subjects? Also, I agree with the wise advice to carefully consider engaging someone who has so clearly sought to provoke.


But it’s so much fun

and their responses are quite humorous



Has NOTHING to do with politics but EVERYTHING to do with MONEY…PERIOD.

Any scientific studies saying that there’s global warming is detrimental to the Oil and Coal industry…which in turn costs them money. They want the monopoly on energy. Anything against them is bad for their bottom line. For decades they’ve funded bad science to prove that there’s no such thing as global warming. Most of these studies are never submitted to pear-review publications.

Although there is one famous study a few years ago commissioned by the Billionaire Oil Barron Koch Brothers to prove once and for all that there isn’t global warming. However the study back-fired on them. It actually proved that global warming does exist and that man is the major factor.

Even after their own study proving global warming does exist and it’s mainly man made - the Koch brothers still deny it…WHY? Because they could loose BILLIONS if enough of the right people actually believed the truth.

But this isn’t anything new with big money trying to disprove science. Go back to the 70’s and 80’s with Tobacco. The evidence that smoking was extremely unhealthy was overwhelming. But the Tobacco industry still commissioned their own studies of junk science to prove that not only wasn’t smoking not bad for you, but it was actually beneficial. To this day there are people who don’t believe that smoking is bad for you.

Go back even further to the coal industry. Black-lung disease was easily linked to mining coal and breathing in coal dust. But the coal industry fought tooth and nail saying it wasn’t true. They even paid some doctor to say black-lung disease was a genetic disorder and had nothing to do with mining coal.

The only way it’s political is that many radical conservatives are for BIG-BUSINESS and the biggest industry for decades in this country has been Oil and Coal. The rest of thinking America know the truth.


I too am Catholic. But don’t tell a Bible Baptist that Catholicism is a Christian religion.

Catholics and many enlightened Christian can separate religion from science. One of the fundamental beliefs of evangelical Christians is the age of the earth. Yet a man named Dr George Lemaitre who is the author of the Big Bang theory was not only a Great Physicist - he was also a Jesuit priest.


The reason this proposed law is up for a vote is because of the man-made global warming controversy. It saddens me when smart people are fitted with the Man-made global warming collar and chain then eagerly lap up the nonsense. All I want is for you folks to animate and exercise your powers of critical thought. Please look carefully at popular conventional cultural wisdom. There is a frightening amount of people in this country and world that want to put thousands in the unemployment line into poverty and turn our food into fuel over the Insidious Canard that is man-made global warming. Michael Crichton, a very intelligent Author, Physician, Scientist, Teacher, Speaker and Producer wrote a prologue to his book “Jurassic Park”. I suggest all of you find it and read it, then think about it. I am out…


The fanatics on the right and the fanatics on the left shout madly at each other over the heads of those in the middle who question both sides of the argument.


Michael Crichton is NOT a physicist. He NEVER studied global warming and doesn’t have the education to understand the research or comment on its validity.


Not only did he study “Global Warming” , he was invited to symposiums, debates, conferences, etc…he was widely respected on this subject, even by supporters of man-made Global warming. Many degrees does he hold in the scientific field. Is your chain so short that you can’t even verify Michael Crichton’s credentials? At a March 14th 2007 “Intelligence Squared” global warming debate against Gavin Schmidt, Richard Somerville, and Brenda Ekwurzel, Michael Crichton’s convincing common sense dissemination of the controversy changed the minds of the audience 180°…What are you afraid of ?? Just read the foreword…


Here’s what a large group of scientists think of Chrichton’s ‘State of Fear’…it’s not pretty: