HR 5180 to limit ethanol to 9.7% in fuel



The lolocene glacial retreat that actually happened some 10,000 years ago physically changed much of the landscape of the northern hemisphere. Apparently Mother Nature has a pattern of changing the average temperature so that one-half mile thickm sheets of ice can cover then retreat from virtually half of the planet every so often. A lot of tree huggers have convinced a lot of stupid people that we have something to do with changing the temperature of the Earth and these stupid people change laws and try to convince us that these ridiculous laws are going to save the planit. Come on folks, think of the cataclysmic events that of happened on this earth long before we were here and try to convince yourself that that we can save or destroy it…lol… something caused the Earth to warm and achieve the retreat of the latest of the many glacial periods in the history of the earth and it wasn’t us…sorry man made global warming nonsense gets me going…


It’s clear where you stand

You’re not making any friends by referring to people that believe in global warming as “stupid people”

I feel you came here looking for a fight

So here you go . . . right in your face :punch:

It’s what you wanted :stuck_out_tongue:


I find the easiest way to identify small minds is to look for those who characterize those who disagree with them as stupid for doing so.


Wouldn’t maximizing atmospheric CO2 then minimize the possibility of another ice age?


NH only gas 9 counties. And those 4 counties account for 80% of the population.


While I am not convinced that the sky is falling regarding global warming I would appreciate the NOAA making an objective investigation regarding the possibility that we(humans) are causing long term damage to the atmosphere. I’m just not convinced that politics, both left and right, aren’t pushing their agendas on this issue and influencing the results of the studies.

For now I skeptically prefer that we err to the safe side though. Three MIle Island, Easter Island, Fukushima come to mind.


There have countless studies in this country and many others.


Here’s NOAA’s web site with climate data:


Those NOAA charts are like stock market charts. Both index minute fractions to make them appear more significant. But what does NOAA do to get a baseline for CO2 and temperature over tne past billion years? I recall 40 years ago when listening to public radio I heard a major university asking for Civil War uniform buttons to extract the air trapped in them to measure the CO2, Nitrogen, etc., to study and wondered how any meaningful conclusion could be made based on 100 years of data.

My opinion is about as significant as my bank account but FWIW I question both sides of the argument. Today’s political gamesmanship has no limits and the parties will engage in outrageous conflicts over petty issues just for the sake of saying they won despite the fact that as a whole WE lose in the end. Cutting off ones constituents’ noses to spite their faces comes to mind.

Some would prefer that everyone starve rather than allow their unworthy neighbor a free meal. And some won’t be happy until everyone is as broke and miserable as they are. Should I join either?


Well California will save us all with their regulations against cow flatulence. Denmark was already leading so they’re a little behind.

I thought it was interesting that last week there was an article in the Minneapolis paper about the development of Southern Minnesota limestone over the millions of years and the glacier and melting of the glacier. Then this week was an article on the hurricane with the statement “due to global warming”. I dunno but I think we’ve had a few of those before. But NPR did a program on folks who are afraid to have kids because they’re not sure if the planet will be inhabitable. Probably best for everyone.

Myself, I’m going to sell out and move somewhere before the glacier comes back.


Garyfran60 is not out of line with his comments although I disagree that stupid applies to most of them.
Better terms would be 'driven by an agenda" and “ka-ching”.


Researchers use ice cores to determine the concentration of gases in the atmosphere. There is a whole lot of ice in Greenland, Anarctica, and a few other places where researchers can collect ice samples frozen up to 800,000 years ago.


Everyone has a right to agree, disagree, be undecided or not care. We should leave name calling to the politicians. My current opinion: If the global warming “emergency” extreme is correct it is quite possibly to late to do anything that would have significant effect. If the it’s nonexistent extreme is correct that’s wonderful. I think we should continue the studies and attempts of preventing it. Like auto insurance. We pay it hoping we never have to use it.


Careful. There’s a whole group of people in this country (some of which are politicians and are heads if science committee) who believe the earth is only 6,000 years old.

They’ve been ignoring science for years.


OK, I will subtract the “stupid” from my narrative, the reason this animates me is that most folks that promote man-made global warming do it for political reasons…don’t take my word for it, just look at polling data…80% of the Democrat party support laws punishing human activity under the guise of man- made global warming, Republicans polled at 14%… Science by its nature should be immune to the political wind of the times. Sophistry and platitudes are replete in the rhetorical man-made global warming world of politics. One example of thinking with fact and historical data would be the eruption of the Mount Krakatoa at the end of the 19th century. It is estimated that this explosion emitted 10 times the CO2 than did the whole indus trial revolution of the 20th century…all in 3 days…All of these sweeping comprehensive global warming laws have profound effect on our human culture…Hello,…We are turning the food we need to feed our hungry into gas to run our cars…why, becomes the global average temp has gone up a couple degrees in the past 200 years…the supervolcano napping under Yellowstone could blow up in 10 minutes and render all the global warming laws, rhetoric, discussions, studies, polls…superfluous in a new decimated world that would finally have something REAL to worry about…


By the way, it’s the Holocene glacial retreat…I am still getting used to voice recognition software…


The reason so many scientists are Christian is they have come to the conclusion that all of this can not have been created by chance, also the most coherent arguments are made by them…


Everybody is entitled to their own opinion

It would be better if he’d simply said he doesn’t believe in global warming

Calling people stupid is unnecessary

And BTW, “driven by an agenda” and “ka-ching” isn’t helping, either :frowning2:


There you go again

Nice that YOU know the score

So everything’s black-and-white, eh . . . ?!

All liberals believe in global warming, but it’s all for their own political agenda?

What about an average liberal, who is just a blue-collar guy and has absolutely no political agenda?

And I suppose ALL conservatives know global warming is bunk science, and pat themselves on the back, because they’ve got the real score, eh?

Glad to know we’ve now got somebody on this forum who has all the answers, and can educate us ignorant savages


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You’re not doing yourself or anyone else any favors by engaging with this guy here on this issue. The best thing to do at this point is ignore him.