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Anyone for E15 Gasoline?

I read last week that certain Corn State Legislators in DC want to mandate an increase from E10 to E15 to utilize idle ethanol refining equipment. It seems that there was more capacity built recently than is actually needed. Our esteemed representatives (well, yours maybe) want to legislate this despite warnings from all the auto manufacturers about possible damage from too much ethanol in your fuel. It might be time to write your representatives in DC and let them know that you don’t care for this disregard for almost all Americans so that a few of their Sponsors can start rolling in money. Or you could tell them that you’d just lovee to see the ethanol business get a great big subsidy if that’s your thing. But it ain’t mine. Join me in plugging ths corn hole.

ADM Corp. LOVES Free Market Capitalism until free market COMPETITION leaves them with idle capacity. Then it’s off to Washington looking for corporate welfare…Could you please legislate us a bigger market share? PLEASE?? Thank you for giving us a 10% share of the oil companies business, but now we want 15%…