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How to troubleshoot car alarm? 2000 Toyota Camry

Last night my car alarm suddenly went off, I don’t know if I hit the panic button on my fob, anyway I switched it off. This morning my car wouldn’t start, instead the relays started clicking like crazy.

It only stopped when I disconnected the battery. I pulled out the relay in the engine compartment, still wont start. There’s at least another relay under the steering wheel that’s also clicking like crazy.

Current status: wont start. Breaking stops the relays from clicking. FOB has no reaction; the central lock whirrs, but doesn’t un/lock the doors.

Any suggestions or ideas to troubleshoot this issue? This is the first time this has happened.

You could locate and pull the fuse for the alarm and see what happens…Replace any relays you pulled. That should disable the system and allow the car to start and operate…

“Braking stops the relays from clicking”… is not a good sign… Could be a major electrical problem. Being towed to a dealer is the next option…

I suggest you first remove and clean the battery connections and also check the condition of the battery. It may be low on charge and that is causing the trouble. If the battery checks out then you may need to check out the keyless entry system next for a problem. Another thing to check is the grounding between the battery and the chassis.

Thanks guys for you help. I cleaned the corrosion, and noticed that the connection on the positive terminal was so severely corroded that it has eaten through most of the clasp. Anyway, I put in a brand new battery and brand new connector clasps and she runs like new.
Thank you.

Glad to hear you found the trouble. Thanks for the feedback.