My car wont start. Its making a clicking noise when I turn the key.

The alarm that we didnt even know we had went off one day and my boyfriend didn’t know how to turn it off so he clipped the alarm wire and now the car wont start.

Kill switch??? Would that make it click instead of TURN ON?!?!?!



Hmm… very difficult to diagnose without being able to see how exactly the alarm was wired up. The “clicking” no start condition is usually caused by either a bad starter or a low battery. Have you tried jump-starting it?

Did the problem start immediately after he cut the wire? If you were able to drive it between cutting the wire and the problem starting, was the battery light on? And is there any chance you could describe from where to where the wire went?

A kill switch usually cuts off the fuel pump or the ignition, none of which would result in clicking.


It would help if we new the year, make and model. I would say that the alarm was still going of even though the siren as silenced. This would drain the battery and cause the clicking.


works everytime to change your battery, trust me


All of these people asking you questions and you don’t answer. Aren’t you interested in getting your car started? The clicking is because of the