Car wont start, click, turnover, respond

hello. i went to get into the passenger seat side but car was locked so i reached thru window and unlocked the car, got in. My spouse unlocked his driverside and started the car just fine with no problems. soon as we stopped at the gas station and turned car off to pump gas. when we got ready to start back up,nothng happened. no click,no semi start. nothing! the dashlights and everything comes on but no start. completely nonresponsive. i figured maybe kill switch was activated but why would it start in the driveway…help

does it have a “kill” switch? please also need year make and model

i doubt that unlocking the doors had anything to do with your prob. try checking battery terminals and wires for corrosion and tightness first. lights and such may still work if you have bad connection, but starter draws a lot more power and your may not get enough thru a bad connection to engage it. at least that is often the case with my old truck. but i don’t know enough about modern cars to know if this is the case with your camry.

its a 2004 toyota camry LE and has an alarm system so i think so @BigMarc

thx @Wesw

If it is the factory alarm system, check the owners manual or go online and see if there is a routine you should follow to reset the system. You may have tricked it by opening the door by reaching through the window.

If it is an after market alarm you need to figure out what it is, who did it, and do some research.

Of course, what was described to you about removing and cleaning the battery terminals is always good advice and might just solve the problem. Undo the terminals and clean them with steel wool, inside and outside. Remove the negative (black) one first, replace it last. You can touch anything without danger if you follow that simple procedure. Make certain you don’t cross them so you connect the negative to the positive, because that would be BAD all kinds of ways.

the good news is that i googled this issue and one site had me do this process to see if it WAS relating to the security system, so we did this process for 30minutes and all of a sudden we started to get a little response…a clicking but no turnover. so next tried a boost and viola! it started. now,im still not sure what happened there cause we let it run for 15minutes then turned it off and tried to see if it would restart, which it did. So the starter is obviously working and so it the battery now. WHAT DOES THIS SOUND LIKE HAPPENED? Could it really have been the security system? its never done that before

well the update is that i just tried to restart and its dead again! :frowning:

Low battery or bad battery connections will cause this. The jump start is the clue.

yeah, i m even more inclined to say it is corroded or loose battery terminals now

…or a low battery

…was the weather wet for a day or two before this happened ?

I would strongly suggest removing the battery cables and cleaning the terminals and connectors, inside and out. if the connectors are aftermarket ones, that you have to connect the wires to w clamps, you will have to remove the wires also and clean inside the clamps too. if they are aftermarket connectors you should also cut the wire back an inch or so til you get to clean wire. if you don’t have enough slack to do this, simply separate the strands and clean them so that they can get a clean connection w each other. a small wire brush works well for this. but you prob still have the factory connections so you won t have to do any of this. this is very easy , only takes a half an hour and is FREE! just be careful not to let the battery arc on your tools or any thing! you really can t tell by looking if this is the prob or not. you just have to take them off and clean them. sometimes the simplest solution works! good luck and I hope this is your problem. if it is just put some oxidation inhibitor on the terminals when you get a chance and it will be a long time before it happens again.