2016 ram promaster city windshield cowl weatherstrip


my 2016 ram promaster city has a weatherstrip that runs along the bottom of the windshield, attached to the plastic cowl below the windshield. The rubber is deteriorating badly.

I can look up the plastic screen cowl assy on mopar sites, PN 5YF97JXWAA, but it is not clear to me whether the rubber strip is attached or available separately.

It would be nice to remove the cowl (basically six screws and the wipers), strip off the remnants of the old weatherstrip, adhere a new strip, reassemble, and bob’s yer uncle.

Anyway, I don’t know enough about auto glass and trim panels to know whether the strip of rubber is usually dealt with separately from the plastic cowl.

If you know, let me know!


Why not see what you can actually buy? Stop by the Ram dealer and they can not only order the correct part for you, they can show you an exploded view of the parts.

The cowl part number is easy to look up online and shown in the diagrams. The strip itself is not clearly shown.

The mopar parts counter here only points at the diagrams and sells the parts or places orders. they will send me to the service manager for any questions, and they’ll take the vehicle for an estimate.

If anyone knows whether the strip is generic and listed under another category – and applied separately – please reply.

so it’s a complex plastic and rubber molded piece, the seal is not separate, and the UV resistance of the rubber is mediocre compared to the rest of the car. oh well…

Check with a local windshield shop , they might have a solution for this problem.

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There’s a hood to cowl strip listed but otherwise i’m having trouble finding anything
This is what the part should look like when it arrives from the dealer.

yes most of it is plastic but there is also a rubber lip that gets molded on during the process, probably not available seperately ($90 part).

i might try V70’s suggestion and talk to a auto glass shop, or maybe trim it carefully and run a bead of black silicone where it was exposed to the sun and disintegrated.

thanks all