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2011 Ford Fiesta weather stripping

Seems I am the only person in the world that has this issue (no you tube episodes to be found). The weather strip that is around the car door is bunching up above the drivers side mirror. Is there any why to fix this? I work a retail job for a mom and pop (aka no money, and going back to school, paying out of pocket) and have to park my car in a paid lot for work, so it really needs to work properly. Keeping it up all the time is not an option.

Not sure what you mean by this. Is it loose and letting it bunch up? Or is it torn and bunching up? Or is it glued down tight and bunching up? Is it letting water in?

Only the last of the 3 really can’t be fixed with an application of weatherstrip cement. There is a special type of contact cement made for weather stripping available at nearly any auto parts store. 3M makes the best stuff, IMHO. Follow the instructions to the letter and it will glue seal down. The glued down and bunching needs the seal to be un-stuck and re-positioned and re-glued. It is something you can do yourself. Good Luck.