Convertible weather stripping (?) replacement?

Hello, friends. I’m new here; hope I do this right. The weather stripping (not sure that’s the correct term; it’s the rubber trim running around the bottom of the soft top over the trunk and back fenders) on my 2013 MINI S Highgate cabrio is a cracked and crumbling mess with chunks missing. I have two questions:

(1) Who does this kind of repair or replacement? A body shop? A convertible specialist? A specialized MINI garage?

(2) Any idea of the cost?

Thanks so much in advance for any help.

Auto upholstery could be done by an upholsterer. Some have extensive experience on cars and boats.

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Thanks so much. I wasn’t aware that external weather stripping is considered to be upholstery. Will check it out.

I think the part you are describing is not part of the top and can be replaced fairly easily. You can search online for the pieces to get an idea of the overall cost. Generally repair shops don’t want to install customer purchased parts, but with this being a dealer only part, I would imagine most independent repair shops would be ok with you buying the part and having them install it. You might be able to partially open the open the top to expose how they are installed. It may be a fairly straightforward DIY repair.

Thanks! I’m not sure how to “partially open the top” for this, though, as it’s fully visible at all times. I’ll try to attach a photo; it’s really just a strip of rubber (or something similar) running along the base of the soft top. Do you happen to know what it’s called? I’m unsure what terms to use for an online search.

Here is a thread that I believe describes your issue and lists replacement parts.

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That could be glued on or just fits over a bracket. It could also be a complete part . Why not just go by a convertible top shop and get a real answer .

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“Rubber top molding”! Got it, thanks. And yes, Volvo, probably best to just check with an expert. Thank you both for your help. Much appreciated.

TXdealer, thank you SO MUCH for locating that NAM thread for me. I was searching for “weather stripping” and not getting anywhere. The thread has tons of info and guidance. Can’t thank you enough.