How to replace the door lock controll board ford e350

how do you do this? I really do not know how else to say it.

Ford e350 SuperDuty

How about starting by giving the Model-Year of this vehicle?

Next, it would be helpful if you’d tell why you’re asking about replacing the “lock control board.”

Describe what is broken or not functioning correctly with the locks and explain the symptoms you are experiencing.

Who diagnosed this and how was that done?

The motorized locks will not work. none of them.
2000 ford e350 econoline club wagon

It may not be the circuit board, could be a fuse has blown, wires have broken or the lock actuators are faulty. This needs a proper diagnosis before replacing parts. Is there a reason you believe the problem is a faulty circuit board?

it is a well known problem on the e350 that ford put the circut board on the outside wall of the back door and it would get wet. Bean through 2 of them have a friend who has one and none of the locks worked because of this

The service data I’m looking at isn’t very helpful about replacing the door lock control module. An alternate name for that part might be “memory lock module”. Located in the wall area, sort of above the right rear passenger tire, closer to the ceiling than the floor. It appears to connect to the harness with a 10 pin connector, with the pin functions

1-lock input
2-unlock input
3-not used
5-not used
6-not used
7-side door lock output
8-power, hot at all times
9-not used
10-not used

A guess replacement procedure might be to disconnect the battery ground, unplug the module harness connector, remove fasteners holding the module to the wall, remove the old module, fasten down the new module, connect the harness, re-connect the battery ground.

maybe I do not know